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Experiences from Al Muharraq, Bahrain

Our installation crew was in Muharraq, Bahrain this February, busy installing the newly built Al Hassan Mosque's chandeliers. It was a huge undertaking as they've installed more than 20 huge chandeliers and dozens of wall lamps to this gorgeous mosque.

It all started when Mr. Muhammad Yusuf Al-Hassan himself visited our factory to discuss his project. It was going to be one of the biggest mosques in Bahrain and feature early Ottoman style architecture. We had only two months to design the project, custom made 26 chandeliers and more than a hundred wall lamps.

We've made the planning, manufacturing and the shipment all within two months. Then our crew was there this February to install all the equipment. Installation itself took two weeks as there was a huge main hall, a venue, an entrance and the outdoor. Grand opening is in upcoming Ramadan - God willing. We will post more pictures after the opening. Stay tuned..

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